Online Slot Machines & Best Odds of Winning

Online Slots Bonuses

Online Slots Bonuses

Slots are more of a game of chance, but there’s a math every gamer mustn’t ignore – the odds. Each game has a statistical probability against you winning. So, understanding the free online slot odds and their calculation will help you know the best games.

Unlike table and other casino games, slot machines run on Random Generator Numbers. The RNG generates numbers corresponding to free casino games symbols on its reels to give a win. Hence, you can’t manipulate slots results. Instead, winning combinations number, the payouts per combination, plus its Return-to-Player value all work together to determine any specific slot machine odds. 

Slot Machine Odds Calculator: How to Calculate

A slot machine calculator — is a web-based application that helps players accurately estimate possible profit or loss in any online slot. Unlike table games, slot paybacks or return to player (RTP) percentage varies, and it’s essential in calculating its odds. Slot manufacturers often publish their games RTP, and a little research will help to find a particular slot RTP.

Besides its RTP value, any slot machine odd calculator may need inputs like reels number and symbols to provide odds and potentially win or loss information. Also, since slots run on RNGs, the  results may differ slightly from its real online slot analogues. Each game has its own RTP percentage, it is important to try different options to find your favorite. For example, a wide selection of such free slot games on is available with no download, no signup, or no deposit.

Simplest Slot Machine Payout Calculator Example

Calculating a slot machine payout is an easy task. It’s simple math you can do effortlessly. Now let’s consider a slot machine with 3 reels and 5 winning symbols — Apple, Orange, Banana, Lemon, and Melon, plus a Joker. Assuming the winning combinations are such that 3 Jokers give 30 coins, any 3 Fruits give 10 coins, 2 Jokers give 4 coins, while one Joker ker gives 1 coin. By a simple slot machine payout calculator, the total number of combinations should be 6 x 6 x 6, which yields 216. However, the winning combination for individual symbols can be calculated as follows:

Landing three jokers will have one winning combination, which yields (1 x 1 x 1)= 1.

The Joker appearing on any two reels will give a combination of 

(1 x 1 x 5) + (1 x 5 x 1) + (5 x 1 x 1) = 15.

For the last condition, the joker appearing on any reel will have a combination

 (1 x 5 x 5) + (5 x 1 x 5) + (5 x 5 x 1) = 75.

Therefore, the total winning combination can be calculated as the sum of the individual winning combination. In that case, our slot’s total winning combination consideration as seen above will be 1 + 5 + 15 + 75 = 96 winning combinations. Calculating slot machine payout odds then requires you to apply another mathematical formula. This formula is expressed below:

= (Winning Combination X Possible yield) / (Total number of Combination)

You slot odds calculations for each symbol individually and then sum up your answers at the end. Therefore, such a slot machine will have a 99.53% payout rate, which is impressive. However, a real casino will not offer such a high payout rate. The average RTP for a high-paying slot will be between 94% and 98%. Talking about another slot game you can do it once by using a general summation as follow:

= (1 x 30 + 5 x 50 + 15 x 4 + 75 x 1) / (6 x 6 x 6)= 215 / 216= 0.99537.

Ways to Win and Pay Table: Odds of Winning Slot Machine

A PAR sheet contains all necessary information as far as possible odds of winning slot machine. One of such important information is the Pay Table and Ways to win. The paytable is a tabular section that includes all winning symbols combinations and the respective payout for the combinations. It represents the payout in terms of its bet options multiplier.

(Total Ways to Win)/(Total Ways) = 364/1000 = 36.4%

Chances of winning slot machines is a subsection under the line combination section that features the theoretical possibility of winning a symbol. It multiplies paytable’s payout to give its total payout for a specific winning combination. The paytable and slot machine winning chances representation on the PAR sheet are very important. 

The two representations are useful for calculating the hit frequency and the game’s RTP. Its hit frequency is calculated using total ways to win ratio to that of total ways and then multiplying by paylines numbers. The RTP can be calculated using its total payout ratio to that of total ways or combinations. Mathematically chances of winning slot machine, both are represented as follows:

Hit Frequency= (Total Ways to Win)/(Total Ways) x Numbers of Paylines

RTP = (Total Payout)/(Total Ways)

Popular Slot Machine Odds Calculators

The importance of slot machine odds calculators can never be overemphasized. They enhance a healthy gameplay by giving expectations instead of playing with zero clue so you can manage your bankroll effectively. Next, find out which calculator to go for? Here’s the best slot machine odds calculators and their features compilation:

Digdia Slot Calculator slot calculator is a prominent slot odds calculator. It’s a highly effective calculator that gives comprehensive information about any slot machine. It takes bankroll input, bet per spin, play pace, slot RTP, and volatility. In return, it calculates many variables 19 out of 20 times in your slot machine where you’ve specified its RTP and volatility.

The picture shows an example slot machine probability calculator

Information given in return is its number of possible spins per visit, machine time, average loss and gain, loss during a terrible visit, loss or profit range half of the time, profit during a great visit, and winning chances. It gives additional information called Delta, which is the difference between the theoretical RTP and your potential experience. It also gives exact forecasts about how long your bankroll can last.

Casinobillionaire Odds Calculator

Casinobillionaire slot machine odds calculator is another effective odds calculator to use. It doesn’t take RTP input. taking other parameters input and calculating both slots odds or its RTP. Meanwhile, this slot odds calculator limitation is possible to calculate only 3 reels slot machines.

To use it, start by specifying slot name optionally, then its total number of symbols and its paying symbols number. Then indicate the winning combination for each row as in this slot’s paytable. It will then be a slot machine probability calculator of each combination and probabilities summation to give you a total  RTP value.

Slot Machine Probability Tips to Look Out For

Slot is a game of luck, meaning you are prone to both possibilities of a win or loss. Slot machine probability then is winning chances of winning combination ratio to its possible combinations. Slot machine probability is different for different slots. While some slot machines have a relatively high probability due to their RTP, others have a low probability. 

It’s important to check out all slot machine probabilities before putting your money. Why? It determines your winning chances and, consequently, your returns. The following are slot probability factors you must consider;

Features of The Average Payout

The average payout gives you an idea of expected profit or loss when you bet a certain amount. For example, assuming you are willing to play with $100 bankroll on a slot machine with 90% RTP, you will have $90 average after your first spin. Continuing at the same rate ends up with nothing after 44 rounds. 

A slot machine with 98% RTP will give you 972 total pulls in 44 rounds if you bet $1 per spin. Interestingly, new slot machines design allows them to move faster between spins. Machines now use gaming card digital readouts to make spin as fast as possible. As a result, slots can now play up to 25 spins in just a minute. Going by this calculation it’ll bring 38.8 minutes to exhaust your $100 in 44 spins.

Slot Machine Probability Calculator: Math

Slot machine probability starts with calculating its possible combinations number. Start by multiplying symbols number for each reel. For example, a machine with 3 reels or 6 symbols will have (6 x 6 x 6), making 216 combinations in total. On the other hand, winning slot machine probability shows a 3-reel machine with 29 symbols will have (20 x 20 x 20) combinations, which gives 8000 ways.

So, you can calculate any online casino slot odds through the ratio of its winning combinations and its possible combinations number. Taking advantage of this formula helps you to establish hope in a game before you start playing. Interestingly, until you start using this formula, you may never know that big wins in some online slots, free spins games and jackpot are closely impossible due to their odds. 

Let’s consider slot machine probability of winning a 3 reel machine with a machine with 22 stops per reel and 4 reels and 32 stops per reel:

             32 stops, 3 reels: 32 x 32 x 32 = 32,768 combinations.

             22 stops, 4 reels: 22 x 22 x 22 x 22 = 234,256 combinations

Slot Machine RTP Calculator

The slot machine RTP calculator is another vital tool you must have in your slot machine tools collection. It doesn’t calculate odds but calculates RTP for a particular game. Slot manufacturers have been accused of shrinking games RTP, thereby causing players to lose more than expected. Game’s RTP is quite different from the player ‘s actual RTP while playing his game.

Sometimes, the difference in the RTPs can be 2, 3, or 5, which makes many players disregard the difference. However, using this slot machine RTP calculator, determines that it’s a big deal. Of course, an online casino or free internet slots game provider is responsible for informing the player of any changes made to the slot RTP. 

Let’s Consider an Examples:

You’re playing with a $100 bankroll on a free internet slots machine with an original  96% RTP. Disregarding the volatility, playing at $1 per spin spin value, you’ll have $96 after 100 spins. Repeating this process, gives $92 after 196 total spin. Continuing with this process, by the time your bankroll falls below $1, you’ll have made 2476 spins.

Now, let’s assume this slot’s RTP has been shrunk to 92%. Playing at $1 spin value gives $92 after 100 spins. Continuing the same process gives a bankroll below $1 after making 1238 spins in total. Considering the total game spin with 96% RTP and that of 92% RTP, there is about a 50% reduction in its total spin. This is how bad RTP shrinkage is and why a slot machine RTP calculator is a must.

Slot EV Calculator

EV is another word for expected value which is the possible profit or loss while spinning repeatedly. A slot is a game of luck which means either win or lose depending on your game outcome. Slots losing  chances are always higher than its winning chances. Therefore, spinning a slot machine repeatedly, causes both winning and losing outcomes. Your total possible win and loss at the end of several spins is called EV.

Slots EV calculator takes game bonus offers into consideration. This makes it different from the regular odds calculator. There are special calculators for slots EV calculator. Some recommendations are made below: EV Calculator

The EV calculator is quite an easy calculator to use. This calculator only requires input the necessary parameters while the EV is automatically calculated for you. The required parameters are stake, real slot machines, online RTP, bonus amount, bonus RTP, and wagering requirement.

As an example, take a slot machine that requires a $10 minimum to qualify for a 200% bonus. If the base game RTP is 96% while the bonus has a 90% RTP with a 30x wagering requirement, your expected value will be $-40.40. Invariably, you are likely to incur a  $40 loss after several spins on this real slot machines online game.

Work algorithm of Profit squad EV calculator 

Profit Squad EV Calculator

The Profit Squad EV calculator takes different bonus types into consideration, including free spins. It takes a lot of variables into consideration and gives a wide range of results. This Profit Squad EV calculator will accept inputs such as bonus types, initial deposit amount, bonus amount, wagering requirement, bet size, RTP, variance, and simulations number.

Assuming $100 deposit value input and a $200 bonus value with a wagering requirement. If the fun slots for free RTP is 96% with medium volatility and a bet size of $1. After specifying all slot’s parameters appropriately, the calculator will show EV value for the entire game with a per hour value of $5.09 and $11.65, respectively.

Yes Bet EV Calculator, how does it words, algorithm

Yes Bet EV Calculator

Yes Bet EV calculator has the ability to calculate various bonus types. Input values such as bonus type, deposit amount, bet size, bonus size, wagering requirement, RTP, variance, and game type.

After taking input, it gives an output: average bet value, bet size at the end of a total spin, and its true bonus value. Taking the parameters of a $100 bet size with a 200% bonus offer, 96% RTP, and medium volatility. This slot calculator will show EV value to be $171.34. 

Creating PAR Sheets: Math Model of a Slot Machine

A PAR sheet is otherwise known as probability and accounting report sheet. It’s a spreadsheet-like format that defines the theoretical probability and payouts of possible combinations. A PAR sheet is created by free play slots for fun manufacturers and kept as a trade secret. However, some gambling researchers have in recent times sued providers for concealing such information stating that it’s against freedom of Information Act laws.

Example of free slot play online machine PAR sheet 

For every designed free online slot machine, there’s a PAR sheet. There is no standard format a PAR sheet must take, but it usually features the game’s probability and winning chances. Basically, a par sheet will include an RTP summary, volatility, hit frequency, reels number, paytable, and a lot of other game features that have to do with payment. 

International Game Technology Par Sheet Example 

PAR sheets are generally slot game providers’ trade secrets. It is very rare to hear about one in public. However, a PAR sheet belonging to an International Game Technology (IGT) provider was found in a publication called Casino Operations Management in  1988. It was the PAR sheet for 3 reel free online slot machines and 22 positions created in 1997.

The PAR sheet features a reel strip listing where the reels have been extended to 32 positions. It implies that certain positions of the original 22 positions were duplicated. This act allowed the slot to achieve an 85% payback which the provider originally aimed at. Interestingly, payback half point will only be achieved at 10,000,000 spins and this was at 90% according to its design.

Nonetheless, PAR sheets will not give tips about how to win slot machine free online games. It analyzes the payout pattern depending on the new number of combinations and game symbols. Unlike how odds information about certain free slot games like baccarat, video poker, and some table games might help you make a winning decision while playing.

Reel Deal: Payback Percentage, Meaning, Peculiarities

Every slot machine is designed to give players a bet percentage back. This rate is known as the payback percentage or as Return-To-Player percentage in most cases. The difference between odds and RTP is that while odds are calculated once, RTP is calculated over a long period of bettings. RTP percentage is estimated after several simulations of sometimes millions of spins.

For instance, if a free online slot games having 94% odds pays 9 times after 10 attempts, it’s easier to say that this slot RTP is 94%. The payback percentage is liable to change if there’s a change in the payout odds. The Gaming Board in various countries and Regulating bodies enforce that free slot games have an RTP percentage that exceeds 73%. Most free online slots machines have their payback percentage between 94 and 98%.

Features and Important Elements

A PAR sheet has features considered a sheet’s integral part. Each of them is explained below:

Return To Player (RTP) is the bet percentage that returns to the player on every spin. Free slot machine RTP is calculated after several trials and a particular game’s odds have been confirmed over multiple plays. A PAR sheet features free slot games online RTP after the manufacturer has tested its game before launching it to the public.Paytable is a table that contains all possible free slot games online ways of winning with their corresponding payouts. It represents each combination payout as a function of its bet multiplier option. A paytable is an integral part of the PAR sheet but can also be made public separately in certain conditions.Free Spins are game rounds to play without making use of your bet. Since it is a free spin, they have different odds compared to a base game. A PAR sheet has a separate winning combination and payout representation for a free spin.Multiplier, Expanding Wild is a special free casino slot games for fun function that multiplies your winning by a particular number. Earning a multiplier in a slot machine can be triggered by a combination. Its multiplier combination features an entirely different odds calculation on the PAR sheet. An expanding wild is a wild symbol that expands and replaces a large portion of symbols on the reel. A PAR sheet equally features the combination that triggers expanding wild or payout.Volatility also known as hit frequency is spin amount rate on an average a player must make to get a win. Hit Frequency can simply be calculated using the total ways to win to that of total ways multiplied by paylines numbers. Volatility is the frequency at which a slot payout has high winnings or a low winning. Volatility can either be high, low, or medium.Reels symbols and stripes is a section of the PAR sheet that lists all symbols as they appear in order on each reel. Its table features an index known as ‘stop’ and a column for each reel in the game. It shows ways a symbol distribution can occur on each reel.Scatter Symbols Probability And Payouts doesn’t need to appear in a particular order to cause a win. Once the required symbols needed appear on the slot’s reel. It triggers a win which may be payouts, free spins, or a multiplier. Scatter symbols also require a special odds calculation on the PAR sheet, which shows getting a win possibility.

Slot Machine Calculator

A slot machine calculator is a program that allows you to calculate what you may win or lose in a slot game. The results given by its calculator solely depend on your free slots to play for fun and your playing style. Aside from these two options, there are no external factors that influence online free slots calculator results. 

Free slots calculator takes your bankroll input, bet per spin, and your play pace. It also takes information about slots online free machines, such as RTP or volatility. After inputting, hit the enter button calculator to get its analysis outcomes. Given results are the number of spins during your visit, time in slot machine, average profit or loss, loss during a terrible visit, your profit and loss range half of the time. Also, your profit during a great visit, your chance of winning, and Delta, which is the difference between your RTP and your theoretical experience, are also displayed.

Let’s Consider an Examples:

You have a bankroll of $100, and you are willing to bet $1 per spin on a slot machine. Assuming your play pace is a medium pace of 12 min, and the machine has a medium volatility with 89% RTP. After inputting all of these values in the right column, click on calculate. The slot machine calculator will then generate a result with respect to your spins number achieved during your visit.

If the number of spins during your visit is 100, your gaming time in the slots online free will be 8 minutes, the loss will be $11, while the loss during a terrible visit will be $100. Also, the win profit or loss range will be $-42 to $20, profit during a great visit will be $79, the chance of winning a visit will be 41%, and the delta will be 89%. It will provide information in this same order for a different number of spins during your visit. Likewise, it will state the average time your bankroll will last.

Slot Bankroll Calculator: Extra Factors to Consider

Online free slots calculator allows you to calculate your profit and loss depending on your bankroll and slot style. It also shows the average time your bankroll will last depending on your number of spins during a visit provided you supply your play pace. The bankroll calculator is essential to cultivating a good bankroll management culture. The following are factors that affect individual bankroll management;

Welcome Bonuses are offered to a new player by casinos or a slot manufacturer to play a slot game for free. This offer is usually given as a free spin or as a cashback on first deposits. Welcome bonus can influence your bankroll management such that you may choose to increase your bet option due to the welcome bonus.Ability to Reload your bankroll can greatly influence your bankroll management. When it is easier to reload, you tend to have a low bankroll. However, the reload option is more difficult; you will have a higher bankroll to avoid the stress of reloading some other time.High or Low Variance Games can influence a player’s bankroll management. When a game has a high variance, you’ll have a low bankroll due to a less regular win. Meanwhile, players may tend to have a high bankroll for a low variance game since it produces frequent but smaller wins.What Percentage Comps are complimentary prices that are given to loyal players in free casino slot games for fun. These prizes are given to players that meet a particular percentage of bet at the end of a period. The prices can either be free spins, food, drinks, or other prizes as determined by online casinos. Comps offers are a good way to encourage players to use high bankrolls.Reload Bonuses are bonuses given to players as compensation for playing over a while. A reload bonus might be a percentage of the amount bet daily, or at the end of a week or month. Such a bonus might propel players to use a large bankroll, hoping to get a reward on the amount spent at the end of a period.Promotions / Specials offers are given to players to encourage high participation in a game. For instance, a reward given to people with high stakes at the end of a week or month can be regarded as a promotional offer. Such offers encourage players to use high bankroll.Loyalty Points/Comp Schemes are accumulated over a period, and it depends on your bets  number or amounts deposited. After a period, then redeem the accumulated point to receive a reward. Your reward can either be a cashback or another form of a gift from an online free casino slot games for fun. Such an offer can encourage players to use a high bankroll in the free online slots.

Free Slot Machines With The Best Odds of Winning 2022

In recent times, online free slots now have relatively high odds. As such, players have an impressive chance to win when they engage in the games. The free slot games feature a considerable number of reels and winning symbols which makes calculating odds simple for you. The best slot machines with the best odds of winning that fall into this category are:

Dragon Link from Aristocrat is one recommended slot machine with high odds, that has  5 reels and 50 paylines.RTP percentage of Dragon Link slot games is 96% which is a fair return for its kind at medium volatility. Dragon Link free slot game contains 15 symbols with a winning combination and different symbols with high chances of landing these symbols.Wizard of Odds is a Novomatic slot with best odds and a progressive jackpot feature. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines with an A to 9 card symbol, a wand, and a wizard symbol. The free casino game’s  RTP is 93.29% and volatility that ranges between low and medium. Mathematically, the Wizard of Odds free slot to play for fun have impressive odds relative to your bet option.Sweet Bonanza is a free slots no download with 6 reels and a megaway payline. This means that this Pragmatic Play slot can have all winning ways or paylines of up to 1000 different ways. The Sweet Bonanza slot game has an RTP percentage of 96.49%, and volatility ranges between medium and high. It guarantees a large win, but this may occur irregularly.Wheel of Fortune by IGT is a slot game with 5 reels and 720 paylines. The video slot has a bonus round aside from the base game that compounded players’ chance of winning in the game. The best odds online slots RTP is 96.6%, while it has low volatility and pays out frequently.Triple Double Diamond free online slot machines with high winning odds developed by IGT. It has a special 3 reel free slots online with just one payline, its RTP is 95.44%. Triple Diamond Double Diamond passes for a medium variance slot, making it pay out low but frequent wins. There are no bonus games, and its odds are favorable enough for its 1-payline.

Penny Slot Machines With Best Odds: Best Free Online Slots

Penny slots machine games allow a bet as low as 1 cent. They have relatively low odds compared to those regular slots. However, there are penny slots with high odds within 89.5% and above. The following are the top penny online slots free with valuable winning probabilities:

Triple Diamond is a slot machine with valuable winning probability from IGT. It has 3 reels and 9 paylines without a bonus game which makes your changes easy to calculate. Slot’s RTP is 96.06% with medium volatility. The Triple Diamond odds are favorable and there are good chances of hitting a win.Queen of the Nile by Aristocrat is a popular penny slot. The ancient Egyptian theme slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. It features a bonus game but has impressive odds for its base game. This online slot has 95.6% RTP and high volatility that guarantees high pay, which may not occur regularly.Pompeii is a historical theme video slot designed by Aristocrat. It has 5 reels and 243 paylines and 3 to 5 winning symbols combination. It offers impressive odds if calculated relative to a player’s bankroll. Its RTP percentage is 95.46%, and a volatility of Medium-High, which guarantees a high win occasionally.Cleopatra by IGT is an impressive slot machine with best odds with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It has relatively high odds and also has a bonus game for extra winnings. The base game has an RTP of 95.02% and medium volatility, encouraging regular payouts. Calculate the odds with respect to your bankroll in the free slots to play for fun.

Author: Jeffrey Henderson